Clover Ranch Bison Meat

Premium bison meat. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Unapologetically South Dakotan

Humanely raised, no antibiotics, no growth hormones.

Locally produced on our ranch in Beresford, South Dakota, fed by us, and taken care of from start to finish by our family. 100% safistfaction gaurantee.

USDA Inspected

Healthy out of the field, healthy to your plate.

Vacuum Sealed

Our meats are vacuum sealed and shipped with ice packs inside an insulated box liner to ensure your meat will arrive without compromise.


We ship our delicious meat throughout the country, with various shipping options. We also offer upgraded shipping options if you need your order ASAP.

I have been lucky enough to eat a lot of bison throughout my lifetime, some have been good, some have been less than wonderful. I am delighted to report this is the most tender and delicious bison I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.. If you're considering trying this healthy meat, do it. You won't regret it!

Hannah B.

The Clover Ranch Buffalo is pure healthy protein. It is hearty while still tender. It can easily be incorporated into your existing beef recipes; a healthier choice.

Sandra R.

Clover Ranch bison meat is delectable. I give Clover ranch bison 5/5 stars because they are a small business and extremely professional, because quality and satisfaction matters to them.

Kimber H.